Dear Members,  Although we cannot all get together due to the Coronavirus restrictions, we will continue to publish the monthly bollettino, with news, art, books, films and music.

Watching the news, it seems like we are living in a disaster movie. We receive images and messages from our friends in Italy and all over the world, some are tragic and sad and some are funny, we must keep our spirits up after all! We are sharing here some good humour cartoons recommended by the Italian prime minister:

Do you remember ZORRO?“Why are wearing that kind of mask?” “Mind your own business, Bernardo!”


Following on from the March issue, we decided to share more from the Unesco Intangible Italian Cultural Heritage. We hope you find them interesting.

OPERA DEI PUPI (Sicilian Puppet theatre)


The puppet theatre known as the Opera dei Pupi emerged in Sicily at the beginning of the nineteenth century and enjoyed great success among the island’s working classes. The puppeteers told stories based on medieval chivalric literature and other sources, such as Italian poems of the Renaissance, the lives of saints and tales of notorious bandits. The dialogues in these performances were largely improvised by the puppeteers.

These theatres were often family-run businesses; the carving, painting and construction of the puppets, renowned for their intense expressions, were carried out by craftspeople employing traditional methods. The puppeteers constantly endeavoured to outdo each other with their shows, and they exerted great influence over their audience. In the past, these performances took place over several evenings and provided opportunities for social gatherings.

Click below to watch a 5 min video from the UNESCO website

Opera dei pupi

BOOK OF THE MONTH – LE CITTA` INVISIBILI” (The invisible cities) Available in Italian and English

The book explores imagination and the imaginable through the descriptions of cities by the explorer, Marco Polo. The book is framed as a conversation between the elderly and busy emperor Kublai Khan, who constantly has merchants coming to describe the state of his expanding and vast empire, and Polo. The majority of the book consists of brief prose poems describing 55 fictitious cities that are narrated by Polo, many of which can be read as parables or meditations on culture, language, time, memory, death, or the general nature of human experience.
Short dialogues between Kublai and Polo are interspersed every five to ten cities discussing these topics. These interludes between the two characters are no less poetically constructed than the cities, and form a framing device that plays with the natural complexity of language and stories. In one key exchange in the middle of the book, Kublai prods Polo to tell him of the one city he has never mentioned directly—his hometown. Polo’s response: “Every time I describe a city I am saying something about Venice.”


No description required!


FRITTATA VOTIVA From “Seven Sicilian Survival recipes” by Fabrizia Lanza

In the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic, cooking is such a pleasurable and relaxing activity to do alone or with our loved ones. So let’s mix a pinch of creativity with a drop of comfort, and a dollop of Italian culinary inspiration to stay connected to yourself and others at home.

See website recipe corner.


“Rinascerò, Rinascerai” Roby Facchinetti

The song meaning literally “I will be reborn, you will be reborn” has become a YouTube sensation nearing 9 million views within hours of its release. The song and its accompanying video are a tribute to Facchinetti’s beautiful hometown in Northern Italy, Bergamo, which is one of the country’s — and the world’s — worst-hit communities of the coronavirus pandemic. Click on the link below for the video (lyrics subtitles in English).

A message from Danica, our Tour Guide in Trieste

Those that went to Trieste with the Society last September will remember Danica, our tour guide. On March 27th we received this message from her.

Tomorrow I should have gone to the San Giusto Cathedral to listen to the choir concert in which Ann (Turrall) sings … I was looking forward to this concert with so much enthusiasm, but of course it was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic … I am so sorry that the concert did not take place, for now. I hope that this situation, this anger of God like the Dies Irae (they were going to perform Mozart’s Requiem) will end soon and that we will all get closer to each other!


Friday night on TV – E4 as we are all staying-in/staying at home, we recommend series 2 of Italian detective Valeria Ferro ‘Thou Shalt not Kill’ drama taking place in Turin, started on Friday 20th March, in Italian with English subtitles.

Series 1 (shown in 2019) is still available, click on the link below:

Thou shalt not kill – series 1

More video (recommended by a member) The Royal Opera House is offering a free programme of curated online broadcasts. Full-length productions, musical masterclasses and glimpses behind the scenes can be seen for free any time, anywhere across the globe. Click on the link below:

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